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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Jose Fernandez autographed baseballs wash ashore

News reports say that a bag washed ashore Sunday containing 4 autographed balls and a checkbook from Jose Fernandez, who died in a boating accident last weekend.   He was a 2013 Rookie of the Year and 2 time All Star and was having his best season in the bigs this year.  16-8 with a 2.58 ERA.

But best of all, he was known for his smile.  The Marlins, and all of baseball have lost a great player.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Nolan Patrick Eric Lindros In the Game Jersey card 13/30

I was the lucky winner from this contest held by Becket Radio.  They have a sweet podcast that you can listen to here.  #Fatpacks

I got the dual jersey card from In The Game.    Nolan Patrick and Eric Lindros.
Great looking card and numbered  13/30.   Lindros is a Hall of Famer.   Nolan Patrick is a likely top draft pick for 2017.   He's the son of former NHL forward Steve Patrick, and nephew of former NHL defenseman James Patrick.  So he's got a nice hockey pedigree.

Shawon Dunston Jr. 2012 Bowman Draft Picks and Prospects Chrome Autograph

Here's a great card I have in my collection up for sale.    It is the 2012 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects Chrome Prospects Certified Autographs Refractor #BCA-SD Shawon Dunston Jr.   

Many remember his father who played for the Chicago Cubs in the 1980's.  Dunston was a fan favorite, and they tracked his batting average with the "Shawon - O - Meter" in the Wrigley field bleachers when it was on the rise towards .300.   

His son has shown some promise.  He was drafted by the Chicago Cubs in the 2011 draft, in the 11th round. He's now playing in the San Francisco Giants farm system.  
Shawon Dunston Jr. 

This card can be purchased here.

Michael Jordan 1995-1996 Upper Deck Insert The Jordan Collection #JC16

Here's a nice mid '90s Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls Card I found in my collection.

1995-96 Upper Deck Multi-Product Insert The Jordan Collection #JC16

With the gold color, overlaying a great action shot.  This was from the season where the Chicago Bulls won an astonishing 72 games, on their way to their 4th NBA championship in a 6 year span. 
View this card on

Honus Wagner, Shoeless Joe Jackson, Mickey Mantle, Hank Aaron, Nolan Ryan top cards offered at Goldin's latest auction.

MLB network has a nice video (posted below) about the 'Jumbo' T-206 Honus Wagner card and other top cards up for auction at Goldin's latest auction.

The T-206 Honus Wagner card, the most valuable card in baseball card history, doesn't come up for auction much, and is predicted to sell for over 3 million dollars in this latest auction.   The back story of the card is explained, where Wagner, requested the card company to stop promoting smoking to kids and asked that his card be pulled.    Goldin also talks about how this card sold for just over a thousand dollars in the 1970s, but has exponentially increased in value over the last 40 years.  It is interesting to hear that this card is a 'jumbo' meaning that there was an extra 1/16th of an inch around the border.   Perhaps this was from a strip card? One was found in Wagner's personal effects a number of years ago.

This card is said to be the preferred card for collectors, as the Gretzky/McNall version has been determined to be trimmed by Bill Mastro.  He admitted to trimming the card to increase the value when he was convicted of mail fraud back in 2013 regarding his own auction house and shill bidding.

Other awesome examples of cards that are at auction are  The Cracker Jack Shoeless Joe Jackson card, 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle,  1954 Topps Hank Aaron, and the 1968 Topps Nolan Ryan

Watch the video below for some nostalgia, some investment tips, and just pure imagination and joy that these cards bring to collectors.

Friday, September 16, 2016

They Did it! Step one. Make playoffs.

2016 NL Central division Champion Chicago Cubs
Cubs Win!  Well, actually, they lost, but the St. Louis Cardinals lost too, so the Chicago Cubs are in the 2016 playoffs.    Joe Maddon will rest some guys, and get some call-ups some action so that we are firing on all cylinders come the start of the playoffs.    Now we can watch the other races.   

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Golfsmith company files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy protection

Was it because the masses don't want to emulate the fallen star Tiger Woods?  He was often injured and his star tarnished with his off the course escapades.    Or was it the economy?  Golf is not a cheap sport.  Greens fees, cart rental, buying golf clubs, golf glove, spikes, tees, and the countless golf balls, oh the lost balls.  These all may have been factors leading to the chapter 11.

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Las Vegas Knights - Team name announced for the new NHL Team. Partially.

What's in a name?

A lot, actually.  Las Vegas hockey team has chosen their name, but it's  a secret.
We do know it has " Knights" though.   But what kind?

The owners of the Las Vegas Knights has registered 3 names for trademark and domain ownership.
They are:

Las Vegas Silver Knights
Las Vegas Golden Knights
Las Vegas Desert Knights.

How quickly we forget that previous NHL teams that had a two part name dropped the first descriptor.

There was the Minnesota North Stars who dropped "North" when they moved South to Dallas.   This makes sense.

Then there was the Anaheim Mighty Ducks, which dropped the Mighty in 2006 after 13 years in the league when Disney sold the franchise.

That leaves (no pun intended) only the Toronto Maple Leafs and The Columbus Blue Jackets as the only other multiple word named NHL team.   The Chicago Blackhawks used to be the Black Hawks before 1986).

Read the source article here.

What are your thoughts?

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

1979 Earl Campbell PSA10 Gem Mint Rookie Card

Gem mint PSA 10 1979 Topps Earl Campbell going for big bucks on EBay.
Big powerful running back for the Houston Oilers.  This was a set collected when younger too.

Look at this on eBay

Creditor Can't Claim Piece of NHL Star's Contract | Bloomberg BNA

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy case.  Debtor, Jack Johnson (NHL'er) had assigned some of his income payments to creditor. Court rules that it was not a valid assignment and struck down under 11 USC sec 552.

Creditor Can't Claim Piece of NHL Star's Contract | Bloomberg BNA:

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Monday, September 12, 2016

Bazooka bubble gum sticks to its word, awards prize for contest entry submitted 59 years late | Dallas Morning News

Have you ever collected wrappers to send in for a contest?    It's part of the fun of collecting cards.

Bazooka bubble gum, thru it's owner, Topps, actually fulfilled the contest and awarded Darwin Day his prize, from a 1957 contest.    Topps, after reading the letter from Day, made a great move here.  It helps that Day was such a great guy with a fun personality, and wasn't trying to put one over on Topps/Bazooka.   Read this awesome story here.

Bazooka bubble gum sticks to its word, awards prize for contest entry submitted 59 years late | Dallas Morning News: ""

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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Chicago Cubs Playoff ticket opportunity

For your best shot at Chicago Cubs playoff tickets, and possibly a chance to see them in the World Series, you need to register.

Now, who can imagine having Cubs World Series cards in next years' product?   Every Chicago fan ever, I'm sure!!

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Lawsuit over 2016 Topps Now card of John Harrison (corrected error)

I just read a fascinating article about a new lawsuit against Topps, for their Topps Now product.
Topps Now is a card set, that is being produced as major events occur.   A-Rod retiring, Ichiro hitting 3000 hits milestone etc.  John Harrison trots home after triple & error for walk-off W.

Wait, who?   See, there is no John Harrison!  It should be Josh Harrison.   In the lawsuit, Paul Lesko, an attorney, and baseball card collector and writer (Law of Cards), has filed a class action petition in Missouri.   In the suit, Lesko claims that Topps had initially offered the card for John Harrison, and a few hours later Topps switched it to the corrected card of Josh Harrison.   Mr. Lesko wants that 'error card' produced and available to those who purchased it before the switch.  He purchased the card of John Harrison, but Topps is only offering to supply Josh Harrison, the corrected card.

Mr. Lesko is a collector of error cards.   Will this be a valuable card?  Who knows, most likely not, but based on supply and demand, you never do know.  Maybe Josh Harrison becomes the next Mickey Mantle, who's cards have paid for many a college tuition bill with the astronomical values they are bringing.     It's more a matter of principle.  No bait and switch should be allowed.   Some collectors may want the complete set, errors and all.    Neither side has commented on the suit so far.

The case documents can be viewed here:

Further discussion can be seen here:

Paul Lesko's twitter post can be seen here and all the commentary afterwards.