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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Lawsuit over 2016 Topps Now card of John Harrison (corrected error)

I just read a fascinating article about a new lawsuit against Topps, for their Topps Now product.
Topps Now is a card set, that is being produced as major events occur.   A-Rod retiring, Ichiro hitting 3000 hits milestone etc.  John Harrison trots home after triple & error for walk-off W.

Wait, who?   See, there is no John Harrison!  It should be Josh Harrison.   In the lawsuit, Paul Lesko, an attorney, and baseball card collector and writer (Law of Cards), has filed a class action petition in Missouri.   In the suit, Lesko claims that Topps had initially offered the card for John Harrison, and a few hours later Topps switched it to the corrected card of Josh Harrison.   Mr. Lesko wants that 'error card' produced and available to those who purchased it before the switch.  He purchased the card of John Harrison, but Topps is only offering to supply Josh Harrison, the corrected card.

Mr. Lesko is a collector of error cards.   Will this be a valuable card?  Who knows, most likely not, but based on supply and demand, you never do know.  Maybe Josh Harrison becomes the next Mickey Mantle, who's cards have paid for many a college tuition bill with the astronomical values they are bringing.     It's more a matter of principle.  No bait and switch should be allowed.   Some collectors may want the complete set, errors and all.    Neither side has commented on the suit so far.

The case documents can be viewed here:

Further discussion can be seen here:

Paul Lesko's twitter post can be seen here and all the commentary afterwards.

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